My name is Emily, and I'm a service & ux designer living in Denmark.

I like to use design to tackle some of the complex problems we face today. As a designer, exploring hidden connections in the systems that surrounds us helps me reimagine the ways we can interact with the world. For me design has the potential to build upon and support people’s capacity and capabilities for changing the world around them for the better. Through my empathy for others, I strive to grow day by day both as a designer and listener.

Having lived in Denmark, Australia, UK, Finland, and Sweden I have worked with people from all over the world. I love to meet new people and their culture, and exchanging views, experiences and ideas.

When I am not deep in design work, you can find me cooking, hanging out with friends, reading fantasy & crime fiction or watching tv-shows & movies. In fact I probably spend too much time looking for the next upgrade to my already well-equipped kitchen.