AppliedHealth. Designing mobile application for Spondyloarthritis patients.

A Concept developed to help improving the rehabilitation process for Spondyloarthritis (Spinal Joint) patients at Odense University Hospital (OUH) and the Region of Southern Denmark.

With this disease exercising every day is crucial. By cooperating with a Clinician at OUH and Universitäts-klinikum Schleswig-Holstein, my team and I worked on designing and developing a mobile application that would help motivate the patients in the region to keep exercising for the remainder of their lives.

Case AppliedHealth

Exercises to be included in regular everyday activities.

During the project we conducted interviews with hospital staff and patients, and carried out several usability tests including an eyetracking session and we also developed both wireframes and functional specifications. As part of the project we additionally received 10.000 Danish Kroner for outsourcing the development of a prototype for the Samsung Galaxy S2 Smartphone.

Case AppliedHealth - Mobile Application Screens

Team members

Ernesta Civilkaite

Eliza Kasarenoka

Emily Sode

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